Minority Health Professions Mentor Program

The MHPMP provides job shadows, medical health tours and observation opportunities, role playing, one-on-one interviews, and college support  for more than 200 students each year! 

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Minority Health Professions Mentor Program

What We Do


The students are “exposed” to these role-models, - individuals who look like the students and may have grown up in similar neighborhoods like them - building relationships and sharing stories of their challenges and successes.

These mentorships are the foundation of our program, as they open our student’s eyes and give them the opportunity to dream, to realize that they too can become doctors.

For the past five years, MHPMP has sponsored recruiting conferences for more than 500, sixth through twelfth grade African American students and their parents to learn about potential medical school, professional healthcare programs and career/job opportunities from African American healthcare professionals.

Professional Mentors


More than 70 health professional mentors (i.e. surgeons, chiropractor, dentist, nurses, clinical psychologist, county health director, and medical school students) volunteer to host job shadow opportunities throughout the summer.

Summer Job Shadow Opportunities


Summer of 2018, our 23 job shadow opportunities included medical school & college campuses, clinics, operating rooms, research laboratories, science centers, the California legislature, and CPR certification.


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