Big Day of Giving
MAY 2, 2019

Celebrating  17 years of service, now asking for your support to raise $50,000 for programs, transportation, and stipends.


Say Yes 2 Early College Preparation

Your support and contributions will enable us to provide African American students and parents with ‘real-time’ education tools and resources to live a healthy and productive life while successfully aspiring to higher education opportunities and careers.

Please donate $25, $50, or $100 monthly through PayPal.

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Say Yes 2 Health & Wellness & Community Empowerment

We are about community wellness.  Enhancing African American's knowledge and resources around health disparities, careers, leadership and advocacy. 

Please make a one time donation of $25, $50, $100 or amount of choice.

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Say Yes 2 Education Pipeline Programs & Career Development

We know that Doctors, Nurses, and Allied health professionals are necessary to assure African Americans of culturally competent care.  We are raising our own.

Please make a one-time donation of $300, $600, or $1,200.

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About Yes2Kollege


Saturday Scholars Academy

A six-week program, or single day workshop, for middle school and high school students/parents focusing on early college preparation, goal setting, networking skills, high school graduation, early career and college exploration skills.

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Minority Health Professions Mentor Program (MHPMP)

MHPMP strives to increase high school graduation rates, increase knowledge and exposure to future professional and academic options, and increase middle and high school students' chances for science pipeline programs and career choices.

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African American Women's Health Legacy (AAWHL)

AAWHL's mission is to help African American women reduce Type 2 diabetes, hypertension, and obesity through education and awareness. 

The African American female population of Sacramento, California is only 8% of the total population, but 15% of those women have been diagnosed with Type two diabetes and other chronic diseases.  In 2015, the California State Senate passed a Resolution dedicating August as African American Women's Health Legacy month.

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